Techne Watches by Woodshores AB


Techné was created in 2007 by an outdoorsman to embody the fundamental virtues of a watch: reliable accuracy, legibility under extreme conditions and rugged protection from the elements.

The name comes from "texni", the Ancient Greek word for craftsmanship, and the design philosophy follows the simplicity, efficiency and dependability of military instruments.

All Techné watches are assembled by hand and use components made by skilled metalsmiths, lithographs and leathersmiths.

Today, Techné is synonymous with quality, affordability and casual wear, and the watches are sold on four continents in more than 50 stores near cities such as Melbourne, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Nashville, Philadelphia, New York, Newcastle UK, London UK, Brussels, Luxembourg city, Lausanne, Oslo, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo.