Techne Watches by Woodshores AB
20 x 280 mm GB nylon strap

20 x 280 mm GB nylon strap

The legendary woven 66-47 nylon strap is based on the 1973 Defence Standard 66-13 (now 66-47) of the British Ministry of Defence.

The purpose was to have a strap of "straight cross weave nylon ribbon, free from additives which may act as an irritant to the wrist under humid or extreme conditions".

The original strap has a NATO identification number which led it to be nicknamed "NATO" by watch collectors. It was only available in 20 mm, grey colour, and the loops and buckle were made out of brass and chromium-plated.

Woven in genuine nylon 6, the Techné version features stainless steel hardware and the ribbon is stitched instead of simply being welded as specified by the Defence Standard 66-13.

Highly resistant to wear and tear. Length 280 mm, wrist size from 5⅛ in to 8½ in (13.0 to 21.5 cm). Can be removed from the watch and safely machine-washed separately.

25 EUR